In the Farm Shop this February

In season we have super tasty and healthy Organic Spinach, Chard and Kale.

This year, we reared our own Organic, Cornish Pork. Wonderfully flavorful, having had opportunity to munch on our heritage orchard apples, and very generous cuts. All Soil Association and Red Tractor certified.

For a limited time we have sausages, bacon, joints, chops, gammon and tenderloin.

As usual, we have our Organic Beef sausages, burgers, roasting joints, slow cooker joints, steaks and stewing cuts.





Just round the corner and all that!


Let us take the stress out of your Christmas entertaining!
We produce in our farmhouse kitchen, delicious home made seasonal goods, including:
Chutneys, Quiches, Game Pies , Ham and (our Free Range) Egg Pies, Christmas Cakes and Puddings.
Enjoy a joint of Organic Beef, Lamb or a Gammon for your Christmas or New Year celebrations, complimented with our seasonal, organic vegetables.

Thinking about the Season?




Planning your events this season? Why not try our Organic Joints and Cuts. We have:

  • Organic Beef Joints, Steak, Sausages and Burgers – Fresh Beef Day will be the first week of December.
  • Organic Lamb Joints, Shoulder, Leg and Chops.
  • Organic Pork Leg, Loin and Shoulder Joints, Hams, Chops, Sausages and Bacon.

Heritage Fruit


Here at Gluvian Farm, we are lucky enough to have our own historic orchard, full of seasonal fruit, which has arrived a little early this year. Above are a few windfalls from the ‘Bramley’ (cookers) and ‘Beauty of Bath’ (eaters) trees. We also have ‘Russett’ and ‘Sops of Wine’, the latter is a particularly good cider apple. In addition to these varieties of apples, we also have a very stately ‘Victoria Plum’ tree. Once we have foraged the hedgerows for the big, juicy blackberries we have here, it’s time to get cooking some delicious crumbles, jams and jellies!