Organic Vegetables

Our Organic Vegetables are Soil Association Certified.

Our seasonal Organic Vegetables are Soil Association Certified, which means they are pesticide free and use only natural, organic methods of fertiliser – such as the compost  (black gold!) from the winter bedding of our organic cattle. We encourage local bees for pollination and use natural pest control by fostering a sustainable environment for ladybirds, hedgehogs, native birds and toads. We value our hedgerows, river frontage and wild spaces around the farm, allowing flora such as gorse, blackthorn and thistle, to name a few, to thrive. Experienced generations of stewardship and land management ensures we live and work harmoniously with local fauna who are quietly abundant within our boundaries.

Here are just some of the Organic fruit and vegetables we grow. Please contact us to see what is in season.


2 thoughts on “Organic Vegetables

  1. Hi there I have been looking to find somewhere local to Newquay to go to for organic vegetables. I would be grateful for any information. Best Wishes Belinda French

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