Bank Holiday BBQ?

The weather is looking good and it’s time to break out the BBQs! Try our own delicious Organic Beef Burgers, Steaks, Sausages and our own very tasty Organic Pork Sausages.

For bumper breakfasts try our Organic Bacon, Free Range Eggs and order some of our Farmhouse Baked Bread.

Free Range Eggs.

White Loaf and Cornish Splits

Honey and Seed Loaf

Good luck for friendships!


With Easter now in site, we will start taking orders for our delicious home produce, including our home baked Hot Cross Buns. Did you know that in Ireland there is a saying “Half for you and half for me, between us two, good luck shall be”! There are plenty more old traditions that can be found about Hot Cross Buns, have a look at this link on Smithsonianmag.


We also make Traditional Simnel Cakes, which are a delight for both Mothering Sunday and Easter.


We have Organic Joints of Beef, Lamb or Pork for a celebratory meal, or even an Easter Ham. Check out Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls’ recipe here in the Guardian.  Have a look at our flyer to see what we can tempt you with as we dip our toes into Spring.


A taste of Spring


The past week we were blessed with some glorious weather in Cornwall. It was so beautiful that we couldn’t help ourselves getting a bit excited about enjoying the stunning outdoors which we live in. A warm and crackling fire took the chill off the air, and we threw some of our tasty organic sausages and potatoes on top for a scrumptious, simple, supper.




Nothing beats eating outdoors, with the scent of wild garlic just about to burst through the carpet of wild violets and snowdrops in the orchard, and the late winter sun teasing us with the prospect of a new season.





We know our Beef!


We have been farming cattle for generations. Currently, we breed mainly Hereford and Angus, which are great beef producers. Our cattle are organic grass fed and slowly raised. They are all Red Tractor and Soil Association registered, so grain, hormone and antibiotic free too. At the moment, while the weather is so ghastly, the cattle winter over in the sheds, on organic straw and eating our own organic silage, cut in the summer months. Below are three generations from the same Hereford family. Iris, (the one with the horns) is the grandmother and matriarch of the whole herd. At the end of the autumn, it’s Iris who shouts to us that it’s time to come in for the winter. In the spring, it’ll be Iris again who will announce that the sweet grass is growing again – she is always the first one onto pasture, and the rest of the herd seem to know that they always have to wait for her to lead the way.


In the Farm Shop this February

In season we have super tasty and healthy Organic Spinach, Chard and Kale.

This year, we reared our own Organic, Cornish Pork. Wonderfully flavorful, having had opportunity to munch on our heritage orchard apples, and very generous cuts. All Soil Association and Red Tractor certified.

For a limited time we have sausages, bacon, joints, chops, gammon and tenderloin.

As usual, we have our Organic Beef sausages, burgers, roasting joints, slow cooker joints, steaks and stewing cuts.





Just round the corner and all that!


Let us take the stress out of your Christmas entertaining!
We produce in our farmhouse kitchen, delicious home made seasonal goods, including:
Chutneys, Quiches, Game Pies , Ham and (our Free Range) Egg Pies, Christmas Cakes and Puddings.
Enjoy a joint of Organic Beef, Lamb or a Gammon for your Christmas or New Year celebrations, complimented with our seasonal, organic vegetables.