Bank Holiday BBQ?

The weather is looking good and it’s time to break out the BBQs! Try our own delicious Organic Beef Burgers, Steaks, Sausages and our own very tasty Organic Pork Sausages.

For bumper breakfasts try our Organic Bacon, Free Range Eggs and order some of our Farmhouse Baked Bread.

Free Range Eggs.

White Loaf and Cornish Splits

Honey and Seed Loaf

Good luck for friendships!


With Easter now in site, we will start taking orders for our delicious home produce, including our home baked Hot Cross Buns. Did you know that in Ireland there is a saying “Half for you and half for me, between us two, good luck shall be”! There are plenty more old traditions that can be found about Hot Cross Buns, have a look at this link on Smithsonianmag.


We also make Traditional Simnel Cakes, which are a delight for both Mothering Sunday and Easter.


We have Organic Joints of Beef, Lamb or Pork for a celebratory meal, or even an Easter Ham. Check out Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls’ recipe here in the Guardian.  Have a look at our flyer to see what we can tempt you with as we dip our toes into Spring.


When it’s cold, warm up with a Cornish Pasty!


Brrr! We are in for a few chilly days and nights here in Cornwall, but at least it is dry so we can still get lots of work done on the farm. If you need warming up, why not order one of our scrumptious, homemade, Cornish pasties.


Made to a family recipe, everything from the golden pastry to the juicy, hot, peppery filling is bound to thaw you out. We make traditional steak or cheese and onion, both a firm favourite with our customers.


Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

Just round the corner and all that!


Let us take the stress out of your Christmas entertaining!
We produce in our farmhouse kitchen, delicious home made seasonal goods, including:
Chutneys, Quiches, Game Pies , Ham and (our Free Range) Egg Pies, Christmas Cakes and Puddings.
Enjoy a joint of Organic Beef, Lamb or a Gammon for your Christmas or New Year celebrations, complimented with our seasonal, organic vegetables.

Heritage Fruit


Here at Gluvian Farm, we are lucky enough to have our own historic orchard, full of seasonal fruit, which has arrived a little early this year. Above are a few windfalls from the ‘Bramley’ (cookers) and ‘Beauty of Bath’ (eaters) trees. We also have ‘Russett’ and ‘Sops of Wine’, the latter is a particularly good cider apple. In addition to these varieties of apples, we also have a very stately ‘Victoria Plum’ tree. Once we have foraged the hedgerows for the big, juicy blackberries we have here, it’s time to get cooking some delicious crumbles, jams and jellies!

Our very Cornish Pasty

Our traditional home made produce prepared and cooked in the farmhouse, using our Cornish family recipes which have been passed down through the generations.

References to the Cornish Pasty have been evidenced from the 13th Century and from the 18th Century on-wards, where it was a staple meal in the county, particularly for farm and mine workers as it was a convenient ‘packed lunch’.

Cornish Pasties now have EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, which states the following:

‘A Cornish pasty can only contain beef, potatoes, onions, swede and light seasoning. It must also be prepared or cooked in the Duchy.’

Our traditional home made produce prepared and cooked in the farmhouse, using our Cornish family recipes which have been passed down through the generations.

Following a closely guarded recipe used by generations of our family, we make our own pastry and use our own Organic Vegetables and Organic Beef, which now also now meets the new EU PGI status for ‘West Country Beef’. We are even very specific about the way the vegetables are cut and how the ingredients are layered. Hand crimped with love and care and cooked on the farm, they come out of the oven and we then stand them for ten minutes or so – this gives the meat time to rest, the crust to crisp and the gravy produced time to really infuse for that perfect, peppery flavour. We cater from snack size for large events, to our giant pasty on special request. However, if you would like our regular Cornish Pasty, freshly baked, please do order in advance so we can have it ready for you to savour at your preferred time of day!


All in all, our popular Gluvian Farm Cornish Pasty couldn’t get more Cornish!

Busy with bread


We bake to order most mornings and produce a variety of our own breads.


These include; white and wholemeal loaves, gluten free, honey and seed, white and wholemeal rolls, scones, Cornish Splits, yeast buns and saffron buns.


The latter three are traditional Cornish treats and we use recipes which have been passed down through generations of our families’ busy farmhouse kitchen.