A taste of Spring


The past week we were blessed with some glorious weather in Cornwall. It was so beautiful that we couldn’t help ourselves getting a bit excited about enjoying the stunning outdoors which we live in. A warm and crackling fire took the chill off the air, and we threw some of our tasty organic sausages and potatoes on top for a scrumptious, simple, supper.




Nothing beats eating outdoors, with the scent of wild garlic just about to burst through the carpet of wild violets and snowdrops in the orchard, and the late winter sun teasing us with the prospect of a new season.





When it’s cold, warm up with a Cornish Pasty!


Brrr! We are in for a few chilly days and nights here in Cornwall, but at least it is dry so we can still get lots of work done on the farm. If you need warming up, why not order one of our scrumptious, homemade, Cornish pasties.


Made to a family recipe, everything from the golden pastry to the juicy, hot, peppery filling is bound to thaw you out. We make traditional steak or cheese and onion, both a firm favourite with our customers.


Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

We know our Beef!


We have been farming cattle for generations. Currently, we breed mainly Hereford and Angus, which are great beef producers. Our cattle are organic grass fed and slowly raised. They are all Red Tractor and Soil Association registered, so grain, hormone and antibiotic free too. At the moment, while the weather is so ghastly, the cattle winter over in the sheds, on organic straw and eating our own organic silage, cut in the summer months. Below are three generations from the same Hereford family. Iris, (the one with the horns) is the grandmother and matriarch of the whole herd. At the end of the autumn, it’s Iris who shouts to us that it’s time to come in for the winter. In the spring, it’ll be Iris again who will announce that the sweet grass is growing again – she is always the first one onto pasture, and the rest of the herd seem to know that they always have to wait for her to lead the way.


Heritage Fruit


Here at Gluvian Farm, we are lucky enough to have our own historic orchard, full of seasonal fruit, which has arrived a little early this year. Above are a few windfalls from the ‘Bramley’ (cookers) and ‘Beauty of Bath’ (eaters) trees. We also have ‘Russett’ and ‘Sops of Wine’, the latter is a particularly good cider apple. In addition to these varieties of apples, we also have a very stately ‘Victoria Plum’ tree. Once we have foraged the hedgerows for the big, juicy blackberries we have here, it’s time to get cooking some delicious crumbles, jams and jellies!