Storm Force


January 2014 was the wettest on record here in the South West of England. It seems here on the North Coast of Cornwall, we have had a continual battering of heavy rain and high winds since Christmas. This culminated on the evening of 1st February, with heavy rain swelling the rivers, a huge swell in the Atlantic, gale force winds and a Spring tide at 7.7 meters here in Mawgan Porth.


Debris was thrown in huge waves across the road from the beach and some of the local shops were flooded.  The dunes were eroded significantly.


Our farm is about one mile in land, but the winds were such that we still had sea foam being blown around the farmhouse. Even stranger, in our lower pasture, we found a line of small pieces of driftwood! The only way we can account for it being there, is if there was a powerful updraft from the beach or even a water spout.

We are grateful that despite this extreme weather, the farm and it’s buildings held out. Our lovely community all pulled together to clean the beach, and Mawgan Porth is still a breathtaking beauty spot, come all weather.

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