The Soil Association


Our Beef, Lamb and Vegetables are Organic and we are Soil Association certified.  This means we follow strict EU standards and laws in relation to growing, rearing and producing.


Our Organic Beef spend their lives in a single herd on our Organic pasture. Being in a family herd means the calves and young cattle are protected by their mothers and live a natural and stress free life. Grazing is rotated in different fields to optimise their natural health. Likewise, our Organic Sheep also live in a family unit with rotated grazing.


During the winter months, when the weather is at its worst and the grass growth slows, the cattle have shelter in a spacious and airy barn, bedded on warm straw and fed Organic hay.

Our livestock are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are antibiotic and hormone free. Their spacious and natural life makes a much happier and healthier animal, which are less prone to disease and illness.


The Organic vegetables we grow are free from artificial pesticides and fertilisers.  We use traditional and chemical free methods to control any pests on our crops and fertilise our fields.


Our pasture land and hedgerows contains a diverse wealth of native flora and fauna, which, in turn, contribute to the natural management and good health of our crops and animals. Having smaller herds means the ecosystem is not disturbed by intensive farming and so there are plenty of wild areas.  We have a strong ethos of conservation and stewardship with which we hope to continue to ethically farm this beautiful Cornish landscape for many more generations to come.

For more information on our Organic Certification, please visit:

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