In support of the Brussels Sprout


This little bundle of Brassica joy, sadly sometimes only makes an arrival on our dining tables during festivities, but the Brussels sprout should be enjoyed throughout autumn and winter, it’s not just for Christmas! Some early varieties can be harvested as early as August, but at Gluvian Farm, we like ours to be ready a little later in the season. We think they taste best if picked after the first frost, adding sweetness to these little leaves.

It is suggested that Brussels sprouts have anticancer properties, especially if steamed. They are high in Vitamin C and fibre, and surprisingly, have a good amount of protein.

Our favourite way of cooking them are simply to boil (not too long!) with a pinch of salt and sugar, but there are many other ways to enjoy. Roasting Brussels sprouts is a particularly delicious method, as is stir frying with bacon and chestnuts or adding to Bubble and Squeak (great for using up left-overs). Whatever the choice, these flavoursome little guys make a regular, cheerful appearance in our farmhouse meals throughout the darker months.

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